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Our new product catalogue is now available, rich of many new products, including our exclusive

autumn/winter METROPOLITAN collection, which includes, in addition to the evergreen sweater in

new and sparkling trendy colours, even the new wool ones.


Farm Company's sales catalogue offers more than two thousand different items belonging to different product categories:

METROPOLITAN offers pet clothes and pullover for autmn/winter season and also spring/summer season.

BECOTHINGS is a new series of products that are good for the environment without compromising on quality, price or aesthetic. They are made from natural plant fibres found in things like bamboo or rice husks.

FARM & LIFE:  a wide high quality range of collars, leashes, harnesses and muzzles. Many colours and patterns for everyone’s choice and need.

FARM & SNACK : a wide choice of high quality dog chews, snacks and biscuits, to help you keep your pet’s teeth clean and strong as well as reward him with a tasty prize.

FARM & DINNER : a wide range of stainless steel as well as plastic bowls, pet mats, storage canisters, automatic feeders and more.

FARM & BEAUTY : we help you to keep your pet clean and beautiful with combs and brushes of various kinds, grooming tools, a cosmetic line of products with Aloe Vera and so much more.

FARM & TRAVEL : a full range of airline approved plastic kennels, foldable wire kennels, car barriers and more.

FARM & CIRCUS : a huge range of toys in different shape, colour and material; from aqua toys to vinyl, from plush toys to latex, from cat scratchers to rope toys…

FARM & COMFORT : a wide choice of aluminium pet beds, dog houses, fabric pet beds, cushions, sofas, carrier bags in fashionable colours and styles, and much more for your pet’s comfort and relax.

POS DISPLAY STANDS, a variety of POS solutions for our customers' shops, helping to present our products in the best way.